Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sony’s million dollar mistake

Are the bloggers being too hard on Sony over their security breach?
Probably not.
Imagine if a major bank had been breached and had to admit that 70m+ user’s personal details had been hacked?
However I suspect that a major bank has been hacked to a greater or lesser extent to Sony. The difference is that they have kept their online service up and running and made sure their customers money has been protected and or refunded if necessary.
If Sony had kept their online portal up and running would anyone have realised they had been hacked?
If they had kept their Playstation Network up and running and someone had been compromised due to the hack would the situation have been any worse for them than it is at the moment?
At the time of writing their network has been down for thirteen days. Every day it is down users are getting more and more frustrated and I’ve no doubt a minority are giving up and moving to Microsoft’s XBOX network and possibly may never return?

update 22nd May

After their network was re opened, I downloaded and installed the latest software update. Now my "fat" PS3 has just shut down and will not re-boot. I checked the Sony support web site and it seems this has happened to a lot of other users after they installed the latest software update. It doesn't look like this can be resolved without a hands on hardware repair?

Following on from the three week network outage, Sony have just handed another large number of their customers to Microsoft.

Update 28th May
Got a call from Sony, they want to charge me £134 to replace the PS3 which was damaged by their software update.

A lesson in how to lose your customers.

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  1. Unreal. I gave up Sony laptops a while ago since they all broke about the time the warranty ran out (typically hinges broke and/or motherboard failed). Since then I have been using Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads. So far, zero in field failures.